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Tammy Duckworth visits C-U

Tammy Duckworth stopped by Cafe Kopi today at noon to discuss her campaign to represent Illinois in the U.S. Senate. 

In her remarks, Duckworth emphasized her military service and experience in Congress.

She said it’s time for the federal government to “pay their bills” so that all families can experience the benefits of their hard work.

In the Q&A, Duckworth criticized her opponent, Senator Mark Kirk, for what she characterized as his negative campaign ads and for his comments about Syrian refugees.

“One thing I learned during my military service is that you can’t let your opponent define the battlefield,” said Duckworth.

Roughly 50 community members and elected officials attended today’s event.

See Duckworth’s full remarks (below). She was introduced by Representative Carol Ammons.

[[mp3 duckworth]]

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