Our managing editors at Smile Politely set up shop this past weekend at Urbana's always fun Market at the Square. I brought the kids for a high five and to present a couple of bad jokes to them, of course. But our eyes quickly saw that there was a new food truck on site, so naturally, that's what we ate for breakfast. Thai-Lao is exactly as it sounds: part Thai, part Laotian.

The portions were wonderfully large. I ate the shrimp pad thai, and it was one of the better meals of this sort that I've had around here. 

The shrimp were plump and well seasoned, and the noodles were al dente, and firm, but definitely not undercooked. The flavors were familiar, but that's sort of what you want when having such a classic dish as this one. 

Our Food + Drink editor Jess Hammie and her partner had the chicken pad thai and the khau mee beef, both of which are pictured below. (Photo credit to her). 


Certainly a welcomed addition to our food scene, the truck is generally located in Rantoul, but when I asked if they'd be regulars in Champaign-Urbana, the nice fella behind the window told me that was their plan.