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The Bills and the origins of WEFT

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Last month, WEFT 90.1 FM, the community radio station which played host to Smile Politely Radio for years until it went on hiatus a handful of years back, posted an interesting story about Bill Taylor. Taylor was one of the “founding fathers” of the station back in the mid-1970s. With the help of another Bill, Bill Thomas, the two Bills worked together to get the station up and running. Read the story here.

I was fairly unfamiliar with the origins of the station, so I’m glad they shared this story for their followers (like us) to see. It acts as a reminder that there’s a lot of history and support (they need volunteers, by the way!) inside of these organizations, and they’re stories worth telling. Although the story focuses mostly on the work of Bill Taylor, who is also known for the Kalyx Center for Sustainability in Monticello, the Bill duo should not be overlooked.

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