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The new La Gueras Kitchen food truck has brisket fried rice and crab rangoon fries

La Gueras Kitchen, the new food truck, is a red trailer with simple white font. Photo from La Gueras Kitchen on Facebook.
La Gueras Kitchen on Facebook

La Gueras Kitchen is one of the newest Champaign-Urbana food trucks, serving classic handhelds like hot dogs, barbecue sandwiches, and fries plus Asian menu items: egg rolls, crab rangoons, and fried rice. There’s also fusion dishes like brisket fried rice, brisket egg rolls, brisket walking tacos, crab rangoon nachos, and crabby fries (fries topped crab, cream cheese, and sweet-and-sour sauce).

Take a look at the truck’s menu.

La Gueras on Facebook

Follow the truck’s Facebook page for photos of the food, and find the truck on Sunday afternoons in the Home Depot parking lot.

La Gueras Kitchen
820 Bloomington Rd
Su noon to 5 p.m.

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