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The winter installation is up at the Champaign Public Library

A giant window at the Champaign public library with a sunset in the distance and white and blue windmills hanging down from the ceiling.
Louise Knight-Gibson

I have a deep love of the Champaign Public  Library. I love their great authors series and their FriendShop bookstore, but one one of my favorite things about CPL are the installations they put up. This summer there was a super cute gumball theme and for her newest install, Adriane Binky Donley hung 1,500 white and blue windmills from the ceiling in the main entrance. I saw it in person a few days ago and for me it evoked the joy and busyness of the winter season. Donley says, “I hope it reminds people of the magical whimsy of winter and the wonderful community we share, and to pause for a moment of peace.” You can read her entire statement on the CPL’s website and see more pictures here.

White and blue windmills hanging down from the ceiling the Champaign Public Library. Blue sky is visible in the window behind them.
Louise Knight-Gibson

Culture Editor

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