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The women’s track and field team just made history

Illinois Pole Vaulter Tori Thomas during the Illini Open at the Illinois Armory in Champaign, IL.She is mid air after vaulting over a bar. She wears a blue jersey with an orange I and orange shorts.
Kevin Snyder

The women’s track and field team were just ranked as the number one team in the nation for the first time in Illini history. The season has just started, and already the women are breaking records in field events and have multiple athletes individually ranked in the top ten. The men’s team was also ranked number ten in the nation, a spot they haven’t been close to since they were number four in 1995 (but neither men’s nor women’s teams have held a number one spot until this week). You can see both the women’s and men’s team in action this weekend at the Illini Challenge meet

Illini Challenge Meet
Illinois Armory
505 E. Armory Avenue 
January 27 + 28
10 a.m.

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