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The first Harvest Open House is happening on October 2nd

Open houses at U of I give us an opportunity to peek behind the scenes at all of the amazing work and research that is happening on campus. There’s a new one added to the list this year — the Harvest Open House, hosted by the Crop Sciences department of the College of ACES.

On October 2nd, community members can head over to the Agronomy Seed House at 2102 S. Wright St to learn about modern agriculture. The event will be geared towards kids and families, and it will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., concurrently with the Vet Med Open House happening just down the road. 

Like other U of I open houses, you can expect interactive exhibits and hands-on activities. From the ACES website: “Visitors can look forward to sampling salsa from produce grown on the Sustainable Student Farm; learning popcorn genomics while enjoying the buttery treat; planting herbs to bring home; seeing biological control of pest insects in action; pumpkin and face painting; touch-a-tractor (and other farm equipment); and much more.”

Admission is free and parking is free, though make sure you have some money with you for certain activities. 

Top photo from Illinois Crop Sciences Facebook page.

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