Smile Politely

The local GOP wants you to celebrate Hannukah at their Christmas party

I actually appreciate the local GOP. As far as it goes, what with their standard bearer being an outspoken petulant bigot who is set to lead us into a bowl of shit cereal over the next four years — these folks are pretty decent people. They’ve even started embracing diversity, where ever they can, despite all of the obvious hypocrisies. No harm in trying though, and it’s never too little too late! 

Anyhow, here is a public invite to their “Christmas Party”. But for all of its splendor, I think they might be confused about what being inclusive means. Or they simply don’t know what they are celebrating?

Or their graphic designer has been crushing the bong recently. Which is probably the best explanation, even if it’s not true. 

If it’s a Christmas party, that’s totally cool. But don’t bring the menorah. At least, bring some latkes. Those are always a party favorite. 

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