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The Quad is a great place to be in the summer

Yesterday I spent some time with friends enjoying the very un-July-like weather on the Quad, and was reminded what a lovely place it is this time of year. Summer session is winding down, there didn’t seem to be any major camps or other such programming happening that would bring swarms of people out…on a near perfect summer afternoon it was peaceful and quiet and relatively empty.

We have just a month before the influx of students descend, so before that happens take a couple of hours to appreciate campus. Grab some dumplings, or crepes, or any other of the numerous food options nearby and have yourself a little Quad picnic. Bring your bike or just walk the paths of the Main and South Quads. Grab a friend and a frisbee and have a little frivolous fun (just steer clear of the trees — that took up a good 30 minutes of yesterday’s excursion). I even spotted someone chillin’ in a hammock with a book. 

This weather looks to be sticking around for a bit, so go take advantage.

Photos by Julie McClure

Managing Editor

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