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There’s a printmaking exhibit at the Art Coop right now

A orange and green print reads "Bronzeville Farm" at the top. There is a train the background with a farmer on the left, holding large leafy vegetables
Kael Carmona, photo by Serenity Stanton Orengo

If you stop by Lincoln Square Mall in the coming weeks, make sure you check out a new exhibit up at the Art Coop. Interpreted Landscapes is a series of reductive relief prints made by students at the University of Illinois in their Intro to Printmaking course. The pieces were inspired by the works of U of I alum Gordon Hartshorne, Ukiyo-e landscape prints, and other contemporary artists.

a print of a green and grey egg carton, two golden eggs sit outside the carton
Meredith Hislope, photo by Serenity Stanton Orengo

Several of the pieces were quite impressive, especially for students of an intro-level course, and several more were surprising in their interpretations of landscapes. For instance, Meredith Hislope’s piece The Gold Standard features an egg carton with two golden eggs.

a picturesque scene, a large tree with a birdfeeder. Rabbits are below the tree, birds are flying around. Smoke is coming from the birdfeeder, and a bird is holding a cigarette.
Logan Ingold, photo by Serenity Stanton Orengo

One of my personal favorites was Logan Ingold’s Those are bad for ya, you know? At first glance, the piece looks like it could come from a classic children’s book. It is only upon closer inspection that the viewer realizes the birds are smoking cigarettes.

There is no set end date for the exhibit. It will likely run through the month of June, but head over there sooner than later if you want to ensure you don’t miss it.

Interpreted Landscapes
Art Coop, Lincoln Square Mall
201 Lincoln Square
No set end date; likely through the end of June
M-F 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sa 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Su 12 to 5 p.m.

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