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There’s not enough pimento cheese in C-U

A grilled pimento cheese sandwich cut in half and sitting on a metal tray lined with parchment paper. There's a cup of orzo salad and a pickle spear on the tray as well.
Julie McClure

As we live in the Midwest, there are not as many opportunities for eating pimento cheese as I would like. I didn’t try it until just a few years ago, when my family was on a little trip to Kentucky, and now I gravitate towards it when I find it on a menu. Unfortunately, it’s not on many menus here in the middle of Illinois. Yes I know it’s a relatively simple thing to make for myself at home (cheese, mayo, and pimentos), but there are a lot of things that are simple to make at home that I also like to order from a menu.

I leapt at the opportunity to have it in grilled cheese form when I saw it was the special at Martinelli’s Market last week. For $9.95, I got this hearty-sized sammie with delightfully melty pimento cheese in the middle. It was simple and satisfying. The Greek orzo salad was an add-on from their deli case.

I’m also a regular consumer of the pimento cheese app at Watson’s, which is also a simple delight with saltines, pickles, and a big scoop of pimento cheese to spread on the crackers.

Am I missing another spot to get this delightfully delicious item?

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