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These are my favorite Columbia Street Roastery flavors

Three rectangular bags of coffee are sitting side by side on a beige countertop. The bags are light gray with purple labels.
Julie McClure

Pretty much every year, I extol the virtues of the fall seasonal coffee flavors at Columbia Street Roastery. They are one of those things that make autumn great in this community. I do enjoy some of the other seasonal varieties (Hawaiian Hazelnut I’m lookin’ at you), but in this time while I’m waiting for the most wonderful time of the year to arrive, I’m settling into my standbys.

Highlander Mist and I go way back. When we first started dabbling in the different flavored offerings, this was at the top of the list and it’s remained a go-to. Who doesn’t love a little touch of Irish whiskey flavor in their morning coffee? It just occurred to me that I should make myself an Irish coffee with this variety. Why haven’t I done this yet?

I can’t resist hazelnut coffee, and the Hazelnut Creme at CSR is such a good one. It’s simple and straightforward, and has that lovely nutty sort of flavor, but not in an overwhelming way.

Southern Pecan is a newer addition to my top choices, and it is very similar to the Georgia Pecan Pie fall flavor, so it fulfills that need during the other months of the year.

All of these can be ordered online or purchased in store. I’ve always bought 1/2 pound bags, but they are now offering them in two pound bags as well, if there’s one that you really love.

Do you have a favorite? I might be willing to veer from my usuals to try something else.

Columbia Street Roastery
24 E Columbia Street
M-F 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Sa 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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