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These “then and now” photos of C-U spots are pure gold

Cary Frye from the Champaign-Urbana History Group might as well be referred to the gift that keeps on giving because of the arsenal of gems at his disposal.

Most recently, this album of photos — amongst a few other random posts — does a “then and now” treatment. For anyone who loves taking a trip back in time, here is your ticket. There are plenty of them, take a look at the album for yourself. There aren’t a ton of dates listed, but obviously — one is old, and one is new(er).

I’ve included some here to take a look at. The caption from the post can be seen below, but this location of 1st and Green has undergone many changes over the years. At one point Derald’s existed for a brief stint between Noe’s and Maize.

Ye Olde Donut Shop location, NW corner of First and Green.Old photo 1960-1970 (date with photo), BBQ place in 2009 and Mexican restaurant in 2016.

The old Sears building, which is now occupied by various businesses — bookended by the Orpheum and Big Grove. Ordered then, and now of course.

The old train depot in Downtown Champaign, then and now:

The Red Lion on 4th and Green, then and now — which has undergone a few variations over the years. Station!

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