Smile Politely

Thirsty (for art and activism) Thursday at KAM

There’s no apostrophe ess there—that’s Krannert Art Museum, and it’s ready to slake your thirst for culture, information, and equality. 

Leave work early and get to room 62 by 5:30 p.m. to hear Ken Gonzales-Day present a lecture titled Interruption and Absence: A History of Lynching (Latinos) and How It Changed What I Think About Contemporary Art. Regarding this artist and professor, the press release states: “His interdisciplinary practice considers the historical construction of race, the limits of representational systems, and politics of vision.” That sounds like a very professional way of saying “Incredible. Go listen.”  

Then, at 7 p.m., head up to Palette and grab a bite (because you skipped dinner) as  SPEAK Cafe begins to explore how “Art Changes the Season” with an open mic hip hop event that is moderated, but encourages activism and Black Power expression. 

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