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This Buttermilk Chicken sando at the WheelHouse slayed me

I went to the WheelHouse in St. Joseph last night, my second time there since they opened a few months ago. Jillian gave it a review a few weeks back, which you can read if you’re unfamiliar with the spot.

With the knowledge that we were going to be visiting the WheelHouse that night, my girlfriend checked out what their special was on Instagram, and sure enough, this beast came up. The last time I visited, I had their burger, which was quite good as well — so it was time for a change anyway, and so my order went.

Side note: If you can resist ordering those amazing cheese curds, you have some sort of superpower that doesn’t exist within my realm of self control — they are nothing short of amazing.

Anyway — this sandwich:

Buttermilk chicken, slaw, a house “special” sauce, plus fresh cut fries and tomatillo ketchup, all for $12. It was the special on this particular night, and damn, was it delicious. The crispy skin was pretty much perfect.

Oh, and Tuesday is half-priced wine (glasses and bottles) over there as well. Get a DD and turn up.

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