Smile Politely

This photo of Chef Ra is worth celebrating today on the 4th of July

Remember, friends: freedom means different things to different people. Challenging the status quo and being unafraid of fear are worth celebrating.

My friend Jessica, who is from Champaign but has sort of blown up in the international DJ scene in the past couple of years as J.Phlip, dug this photo up and posted it to Facebook, so I wanted to share.

Chef Ra is a local legend, sure — but what is often forgotten is that he was an activist for more than just legalization, which is happening all around us as we move along.

I always saw him as an activist for freedom from fear. I am not sure if he saw himself as that or not, and because I barely knew him, I can’t make that call. But my experiences with him were always enlightening and forever memorable. He had words of wisdom. He had great stories to tell. 

Happy 4th, y’all. Be safe, and if the mood should strike, burn one with some friends this evening, and don’t drive a car.

The fireworks are way, way better with a sip than without, if that’s your thing.

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