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This very cute free library in Urbana made me smile

Good morning. Here’s a very cute “free library” in Urbana, as posted on City of Urbana’s Instagram account yesterday. There’s plenty of shit going on in the world right now that is upsetting, so hopefully this makes you feel a little bit more smiley this morning. I know it did for me.

Oh, and what’s that hashtag again? #TSUSRT? (“That’s Some Urbana Shit Right There”). Ah yes that’s it.

I’ve reached out to see where this is exactly, and will update the post when I get some information about it.

UPDATE: 9:44 am: This is located “on a fence along Race Street between Florida and the High School”, per Urbana’s Instagram response.


We came upon a very cute Little Free Library in Urbana. #urbanalove #littlefreelibrary

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