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Three questions with Doug Hodge

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To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Champaign-Urbana’s favorite new restaurant/live music venue, The Space, we asked part owner, and also the drummer for Snack’d Out, Doug Hodge some strange questions to commemorate the occasion. 

Smile Politely: You often make specialty burgers and other foods for the bands that play at The Space. If The Space were a band, what delicacy would you concoct and name it after?

Doug Hodge: The first thing to come to mind would be a rad PB and J. Like get some challah bread, make French toast out of it, peanut butter, a touch of maple syrup, and some spicy jam. Space jam if you will. We would probably just call it the Space Jam. I might actually make this now. 

SP: If you could have any act or person play The Space, alive or dead, who would it be, and describe the special menu item you would make for them.

Hodge: This is tough, but Descendants would be rad. I would just make a burger after their song “I Like Food” just made a sloppy messy burger and pair it with some black coffee. 

SP: You and (The Space co-owner) Ian are astronauts and are blasted out into actual space on a critical mission. However, due to a mechanical malfunction, you can never return to Earth. Luckily, you were allowed to take one band with you, have an unlimited supply of the food of your choice, and can take one item from home. What is the food, who is the band, and what is the item and why would you choose it?

Hodge: If it’s an album from a band I would bring Billy Joel’s The Stranger, for food I would bring pizza combos, and an item from home would have to be my record player so I can play the Billy Joel album. 

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