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Today on SP Radio: The Butcher is coming

In modern American society, there continues to be a large gap between most people and the origins of their food. But in the last decade, a movement has grown to help demistify food and the process of its creation. In our community we are blessed to have several people interested in bringing quality food and being transparent about the origin. One of these people is Joshua Boyd, who will soon be opening a butcher shop in downtown Urbana to sell locally sourced sausages, bacon, ham, and more. Boyd, who has most recently been the head chef at Carmon’s and the late-night chef at Black Dog, will come on the show to talk about his goals, why local meat is important and how we can all become more engaged with our food. Boyd is using the crowdfunding site Indiegogo for start-up funds, so we’ll also discuss the continued rise (and backlash) of the crowdfunding movement.

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