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Today’s Illini Game = FREE (and better quality)

Here’s another statement from the boss at

Yeah, yesterday was a rough one for us. The quality, in particular, was entirely sub-par for us, and unacceptable. We made the call prior to air that if EVERY moment of EVERY game wasn’t both  1) available to our customers and  2) delivered at high quality, we’d give refunds and show it for free. The last thing we wanted was for passionate fans to not see their respective teams.

Still, our streaming provider had some snags as well…snags that we’ve been assured will be absent today. Still, as a sign of good faith and a thank-you for the folks tuning in, we’ve decided to make all of today’s coverage free, as well. And we hope to be at a quality level that’s acceptable to both our fans and to our harshest critics—ourselves.

Thanks for the forum to help us get this message out. We hope for great games today, and that the coverage today can act as a make-good for the issues we experienced yesterday.

Thank you, Rob-

Mark Owens
CEO Revolutionizing Grassroots Basketball

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