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Two non-summer summer movies at the Savoy 16

I have to give props to the Savoy 16 IMAX.

Starting this weekend, two new movies are going to screen that I was afraid I wouldn’t get to see this summer. And yes, one of them takes place at a public pool in the summertime, but these releases are not your standard summer-movie fare.

First, there’s Fruitvale Station, a searing drama taken from actual events. Starring Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer and Michael B. Jordan, this film tells the story of the fateful last day of a young man in the wrong place at the wrong time. Check out the trailer for more info:

And then there’s The Way Way Back, a sure-to-be awesome coming-of-age film from the Oscar-winning writers of The Descendents. In it, at young man is stuck in a dead-end public pool job while his mom and her new boyfriend party with old friends. Watch out for great performances by Steve Carell (against type as the mom’s jerk new beau) and Sam Rockwell (as the “mentor” to our young hero).

Can’t wait. Hope they’re great.

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