Smile Politely

U of I student body president apologizes to Chancellor Wise on behalf of tweeters

Here’s Student Body President Damien R. Bolden’s response to the flurry of racist tweeting that accompanied Monday’s cold weather:

Our student body is internationally known for its academic achievements and the respect we share for each other and our campus leaders. The core of this respect lies within the University’s mission to “serve the interests of the diverse people of the state of Illinois and beyond.” 

As we embark on a new year and a new semester, I want to reaffirm the student body’s deep belief in maintaining an inclusive and pluralistic community. We must remember that to ensure a learning and working environment as diverse as our population civility, respect, and tolerance must always be shown through our words and actions toward each other and all members of our community.

As Student Body President of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I extend my apology to Chancellor Phyllis Wise on behalf of the students who misrepresented these values that are important to the Illinois Community.
I encourage you to join me and take this time to reflect on the Inclusive Illinois statement below and click the link to make your commitment to employ these principles:

– I will encourage the expression of different voices, perspectives, and ideas.

– I will challenge my own beliefs, opinions, and viewpoints.

– I will advocate for an accessible, safe, and respectful environment to enhance the living, learning, and working community at Illinois.

– I will acknowledge and respect the multiple identities represented in each individual.

– My commitment will be demonstrated by my voice and my conduct.

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