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U of I Student Government formally endorses fee for MTD services

This past spring, University students voted on whether or not to keep the semesterly fee regarding the current (and super convenient) CUMTD services available to students. It is great to say that the Illinois Student Government has formally endorsed this fee for another 3 years.

The endorsement consists of a fee of a $59 semesterly fee for the 2019 school year, and a $60 semesterly fee for the 2020 and 2021 year.

Additionally, the resolution supports the increase of CUMTD Access for disable students which encourages an increase in bus stops ar the DRES facility, particularlt if fees were to be increased.

Finally, the Student Government encourages University Administration and
MTD to investigate the possibility of extending SafeRides services over breaks, possibly with an appropriate fee change. 

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