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Unit 4 Board discusses next steps for Referendum projects

From the press release:

Unit 4 Board Discusses Next Steps to Accomplish Referendum Projects

For the first time since the passage of the November 8 school facility referendum, the U4 Board of Education discussed its next steps to accomplish the approved facility projects.

The Board provided feedback on estimated project timelines, updates to the staff structure to support the successful completion of the projects, logistical considerations, as well as other factors that might impact project sequencing. The Board also discussed the possible format of the Referendum Oversight Committee and emphasized the importance of Minority & Female Business Enterprises (MAFBE) participation in the referendum work.

Administration emphasized that the timelines presented are estimates and no final timelines have been established.

You can view the presentation here.

Unit 4 Board of Education President Chris Kloeppel also shared an update on the Superintendent search process. Next Monday, the Board will review applications in closed session for the final 6-8 candidates. January 6-7 the Board will conduct interviews in closed session with those candidates. From there, the Board will narrow the candidates to 3, at which time candidate names will be made public. Those three candidates will go through a round of interviews and focus groups as part of the process to identify the next Unit 4 Superintendent.

Top photo from Unit 4 presentation packet.

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