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Unit 4 schools prepare to go into “soft lockdown,” if necessary

I was forwarded the following email sent last Friday by an assistant principal of a west Champaign elementary school:


In the next few weeks we may need to go into a soft lockdown due to events involving the ruling on the officer who shot Kiwane Carrington. Therefore here is a reminder of what a soft lockdown looks like:

1.       The office will make an announcement that we are going to a soft lockdown.

2.       We will make sure all of the outside school doors are locked.

3.       Every visitor will be questioned at the door via the door intercom before being allowed to enter. 

4.       Students and teachers continue with the day as scheduled But all outdoor activities are canceled.  No recess or leaving the building for any reason.

5.       Teachers are prepared to go to a full lockdown if necessary.

Let me know if you have questions, and please do not worry about this situation.  The school district is being proactive by taking these extra safety measures.

In response to an inquiry regarding this notice, Lisa Geren, principal of Kenwood Elementary School in Champaign, shared the following by email: “I want to share with you that the Champaign Unit 4 schools are consistently responsive to community events that might impact our students and staff. Soft lockdowns primarily increased security and awareness, and they occur at any time a need is perceived for close monitoring of events in the community or immediate area.”

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