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University of Illinois alum Aja Evans is competing in Olympics

Aja Evans, who attended the University of Illinois from 2008 to 2010, was a prolific athlete for the track and field program in the shot put and in the 4×100 relay. In her three years at the University, she racked three BIG TEN championships, two school records, and was a five time all American between indoor and outdoor seasons.

Two years after her time at Illinois, Evans made the transition from track and field to bobsledding, where she found herself at the top of the podium at the 2012 National Push Championship just a few months into her new career. After winning women’s bobsled rookie of the year in 2013, Evans made her Olympic debut in 2014 where she and Jamie Gruebel took the bronze medal at Sochi. After the duo made another strong Olympic appearance, placing fifth in 2018, Evans took some time away from the sport. Now in 2022, Evans has returned to team USA as an alternate, where USA looks to medal in bobsledding for the fifth straight olympic games. The 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing have been underway since February 4th. Bobsledding begins on the 13th, and runs until the end of the games on the 20th. 

Top photo from Team USA.

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