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Urbana temporary statuary—gotta catch them all?

Are we still doing that? Is that still a thing? Oh, good. 

Urbana Public Arts acquires artworks, sometimes on a temporary basis. Turns out, five of them are expiring between now and the end of 2016, so there’s a limited amount of time to see them in the wild…before they are gone… forever. 

Also, four of them are Pokestops and one is a Gym, so you’re going there anyway, right? Maybe it’ll be the place you finally find a MewToo! (apparently some guy keeps finding them on campus, why not you?) 

Here’s a list of the statues that will expire before the end of November, so get up, get out, and remember to look around you while you’re hunting. If you want a few more hints, there’s a .pdf map to download

Image blatantly stolen from said .pdf map, copyright UPA. 

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