Smile Politely

Watch Puzzle Quest smash stuff in their new video

Urbana-based garage punk band Puzzle Quest have released a video for their song “The New Flesh.” In it, the band members take sledgehammers and pickaxes to various types of electrical appliances, mostly ancient computer monitors and televisions. The song and the video solidify the new group’s emergence on the C-U music scene by tearing a gash right down the middle of it. I’ll go ahead and say that “Smile Politely does not condone the disposal of electronic devices in such a manner,” but hey, it sure is fun to watch someone else do it, right?

Check out the video below. “The New Flesh” is off of the band’s forthcoming album, Remnants of the Orb, due out on May 13th. Learn more about Puzzle Quest in the first part of Casey’s “Burning Down The House” series, and catch the band live this weekend at Chez BonBon.

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