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WEFT hosts national broadcast on homelessness

Here’s the press release:
CHAMPAIGN – WEFT 90.1FM will host the first hour of the nationwide broadcast of the 2012 Homelessness Marathon, Sunday October 21, 2012. The program will air in its entirety from 9AM – 5PM CST.   

Participating radio stations from across the country will host an hour of each segment, beginning with WEFT in Champaign, and continuing to Maine, Indiana, New Mexico, Vermont, New Hampshire, Oregon and New York. Topics range from counting the homeless, to the perceptions and realities of who comprise the homelessness, poverty and public health, what states can do about homelessness, and more.

Local guests on WEFT 90.1FM include representatives from C-U at Home, which is conducting a county wide effort to interview the homeless, St. Jude’s Catholic Worker House, The Salvation Army Stepping Stones Shelter, as well as an individual who is homeless.

Those who would like to call in during the broadcast can do so at 877-NOBODY.  866-LEFT-OUT is a special line for people who are homeless, formerly homeless or concerned that they are about to be homeless.  Go to for more information.

WEFT is a listener supported radio station, operating since 1981, and is currently in its Fall Membership Drive.  WEFT depends on the support of the local community.  For more information and to make a contribution, go to

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