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What was your favorite Halloween costume?

A young child dressed in a plastic Halloween dress and plastic Lemon Merengue mask.
Julie McClure

Halloween is approaching, and surely many of you will be acknowledging the holiday in some sort of way. Maybe, your choice of festivities will require that you don a costume of some sort. According to Google’s Frightgeist site, which shows the most searched costumes nationally and locally, Barbie is the most searched in our area. Shocker, I know. It’s followed by more old standby costumes Princess, Cowboy, Clown, and Princess Peach. Yes, at this point anything Super Mario Bros. is considered an old standby. Hopefully you are concocting something more unique than these rather vanilla options. 

We all have those perfect Halloween costumes, either from our childhoods or more recently. The one you were just so excited to wear, and show off to other people. Or maybe you have one that is memorable in it’s own way, such as the oh-so-80s-style costume pictured above.

I decided to poll our editors, to see what that costume was for them. Our team has varying relationships to dressing up for Halloween, but everyone had a costume to share. 

  • Alyssa (Food & Drink Editor) – Robin from Stranger Things, in her Scoops uniform
  • Derrick (Music Editor) – Batman. Like old school Adam West Batman (age 6)
  • Jess (Editor-in-Chief) – A Wuzzle, link for those of you who are too young to know what this is (age 4)
  • Louise (Culture Editor) – Heart-shaped box of chocolates, part of a themed costumed with her siblings who were dressed as cupids (age 11)
  • Patrick (Executive Editor) – Dracula (multiple ages)
  • Serenity (Arts Editor) – A skeleton, dressed up in a suit, alongside her spouse, also a skeleton in a suit
  • Seth (Publisher) – A big, heavy, plastic Gamorrean suit. A Gamorrean is one of the “weird green pig like guards presiding over Jabba the Hutt’s lair” (age 6)
  • and me, Julie (Managing Editor) – Cyndi Lauper, (age 8)

Whether you’re headed out in costume or not, have a marvelous weekend!

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