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Where are the most beautiful fall trees in C-U?

A tree that has changed from green leaves to yellow leaves, surrounded by other brush and prairie foliage.
Anna Longworth

We are lucky in Champaign-Urbana to have so many parks, many with a bunch of lovely trees, which are especially more lovely now, during leaf-peeping season. Champaign Park District has a guide to the most tree-filled parks; Urbana Park District doesn’t have a guide but you can virtually explore the parks on their website. For a more comprehensive look at C-U’s parks, visit our Year of the Park series. You can also check this foliage map to see where and how things are shifting. 

As our Editorial Board has said, autumn really is the best time to be here

So tell us: Where are the most beautiful fall trees in the area? Drop a comment on our social pages (include photos of the trees, if you’d like!), or send us an email.


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