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Where to get ice cream Downtown Champaign?

There are many different foods to be eaten in Downtown Champaign: pizza, wings, salads, tapas, brunch, and more. However, I find that we are lacking a dedicated ice cream joint. I know you can get ice cream at restaurants but I am talking about somewhere you can pop in, get ice cream, and walk out enjoying a delicious cone or cup.

I have, however, found a little gem that satisfies my hunger: Merry Ann’s Diner.

Yes, you can walk into Merry Ann’s, order a scoop of either vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream to sit and eat, or take it to go. Last night, I ordered three scoops (easily fed four people) and the cost was $4.95. The ice cream is full flavor, properly stored (no freezer burnt taste), and comes as a very generous scoop. All of this delivered hassle free and within minutes of ordering. This is exactly what I want on some hot summer nights downtown. 

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