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Wine shops host Thanksgiving wine pairing tastings

Whether you’re trying to impress the in-laws with your vast knowledge of wine pairing or you just want to make sure they stay a little tipsy during their visit so they’re too impaired to criticize you, you may need a little help picking out some wines to enjoy with Thanksgiving dinner next week. Although most of the wine purveyors in this area have weekly tastings, there are a few special Thanksgiving tastings this week.


Wines at the Pines (5–8 p.m.) promises a few interesting picks for the holiday: “a bubbly Clairette de Die, a quenching Savoie, something bold and boozy, and best of all, the not-to-be-missed Clape Cornas ‘Renaissance.'”

Binny’s will host a Thirsty Turkey Tasting (5–8 p.m.), serving a wide variety of wines: red, white, sweet, or dry. Anything to suit your taste, along with some sherries and ports. This store in the North Prospect area may be new, but it has a couple of local, knowlegable wine consultants on hand. The chain was recently awarded Wine Enthusiast’s Retailer of the Year award for 2012.


At Art Mart (10 a.m.–12 p.m.), start your morning off right with a little taste of what next week could bring. If you can’t make it Saturday morning, call Art Mart’s “Turkey and Wine Pairing (TWP) Hotline,” at (217) 344-7755, where Paul Simpson will give you some tips on what to pair.

Corkscrew and Buvons (3–6 p.m.) will host a Franco-American wine tasting for Thanksgiving. “In the spirit of Lafayette, we will be a pouring a selection of French and American wines to pair with the most American of holidays, Thanksgiving. Shades will be pairing the wines with a small plate of French delicacies.” $5

Other places to purchase Thanksgiving wine

bacaro restaurant in downtown Champaign also provides wine advice and takeout purchases for a discounted cost from the wine menu price. And, you can have dinner while you’re there. 

Sun Singer Wine and Spirits doesn’t appear to have any special tasting events this weekend, but they do recommend LAB wines for the holidays, which, if purchased at Sun Singer, supports the Champaign County Humane Society.

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