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Year-end SP music lists: We want your picks

So it’s that time of the year again, where we’re putting together our year-end lists for our picks for best local albums, local songs, and live shows of 2012. Just like last year, we want to hear what you have to say about things. You can leave your favorite picks in the replies, or email them to [email protected], whichever you’d wish. We’ll look them over and put our list together.

It’s nice to gauge the community to see what they are digging, because we don’t catch everything all the time. Remember, 2012 releases and shows only, we appreciate your input. We’ll need your picks by the end of the weekend (Sunday, December 9) before we shut things down and put this thing together. We’ll consider everyone’s picks, but the music editors ultimately will put the lists together.

Here’s an 2012 album/EP release list to get you started. Please let us know who we may have missed and we’ll add them:

Anna Karenina/Anna Karina – Autobiographies EP
Breath Cessation – self-titled
Coed Pageant – Seasonal EPs
Comfort Food – Dig In
Deathtram – self-titled
Decadents – self-titled
Duke of Uke – April’s Empire
Electric Bitters – Memoirs of a Dysfunctional Relationship
Enta – Hello World EP
Finer Feelings – self-titled EP
Hank. – The Chinaski Demos EP
Hank. – Venture EP
Hathaways – Parasol Sessions Vol. 1
His Throne – One Hundred & Eighty Degrees in the Sentiment
Horrible Things – Dumb Days
Kowabunga! Kid – self-titled
Lonely Trailer – Secret Information Booth
Megan Johns – Hey, Lonely
Midstress – The Graff Raid EP
Motes – Feel the Summers Heat EP
Neoga Blacksmith – Some Pig
Orange Soda – The Thirst EP
RVINS + Good Night & Good Morning – The Struggle/睡眠
Santah – You’re Still A Lover EP
Shadows on a River – Drought EP
Sonny Stubble – self-titled
Sun Stereo – Rogue Satellite
Tomorrow is Already Here – Make Believe
We Must Dismantle All This! – Eomaia Scansoria EP
Witch In Her Tomb – self-titled
Withershins – Silver Cities
The 92’s – Void EP

Updated: 12/6 at 1:20 p.m.

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