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You can rent a U of I rower if you need some help around the house

A men's rowing team in the midst of a race in the center of a lake.
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The University of Illinois Rowing Club has set up an interesting way of raising money for their organization: Rent-A-Rower. If you need some help with moving, yard work, house cleaning, or any variety of chores around the house, you can “rent” a pair of the athletes for $40 per hour, for a two hour minimum project. If your task needs more than two people, it’s $20 for each additional person.

All of the proceeds will help the club cover their costs, to help make participation in the sport as accessible as possible. There are four teams in the club: Varsity Men, Varsity Women, Novice Men, and Novice Women. They train at Clinton Lake and the ARC, and compete all over the country.

Don’t want to take on all of the yardwork that comes with the fall season? This seems like a great way to get some help, and support some students. Requests have to be made at least a week in advance, and you can request through their service form.

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