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You can help DJ Bozak and listen to some swell music at the same time

A message from our friend DJ Bozak:

I got a new mix for you to check out –

One of my favorite labels, BBE (Barely Breaking Even), is holding a mixtape contest and I thought I would take a stab at it as their back catalogue contains many personal favorites. I pulled my favorite hiphop, soul, boogie, house, dnb, and downtempo together from their past releases to make this multi-layered mix that I think you will enjoy. Check it out.

There is a catch to the contest. In order to make it to the second round where your work actually gets listened to you need to get a ton of listens, a decent amount of comments and a hand full of favorites first. Sooooooo…… I’d appreciate it if you can listen to it. Each listen gives me a chance to win (the winner gets to make one of the labels subsequent mix releases). If you really, really like it and want to help spread the word by emailing the link to someone you think may like it, or on your FB, Blog, or Twitter, hey that would be cool too 🙂

The mix can be found at my Mixcloud page here:

(the play button is the green triangle next to the name of the mix)

Take care –

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