Smile Politely

You’re invited to a birthday party for Champaign Cycle

Do you remember attending birthday parties when you were a youngster? Parents and adults milling about and trying to make sure that kids keep cake and ice cream and pizza off of their clothes. Kids yelling and screaming and eating and probably running around causing said parents some stress.

Then, after being sufficiently filled up with snacks, the inevitable game-playing would happen. Sometimes it’d be a game like pin the tail on the donkey, sometimes it’d be a piñata, or sometimes it would be some kind of outdoor activity. Infrequently, but usually the most cool, were the parties at arcades or laser tag arenas.

At one of those you’d get kids running around with either fake guns or tickets worth halves of pennies that they’d use to purchase some toy or candy that could have been purchased at a large retailer for 1/50th of the cost.

As we get older, birthdays get a little less fun. Sometimes they’re forced dinners or nights out at bars with friends. Those, while still fun, lack in that child-like excitement

Get back to that child-like excitement at a birthday party this Saturday. Champaign Cycle took a leap of faith in opening a new shop at Race and Main in Urbana last year and they’re celebrating their 1st birthday with a shindig.

If you stop in to Champaign Cycle on Saturday you’ll have a chance to play your own version of a kids party game: a giant wheel of discounts. You pick an item, you spin the wheel a la The Price Is Right, and you get that discount on your item. That’s fun and should bring some of that childlike excitement back into your life, if for just a fleeting moment.

The birthday party takes place all day, with refreshments and cupcakes being served between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Go in there and wish Champaign Cycle a happy birthday and spin that wheel. Your inner-child will be psyched.

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