Smile Politely

Three Things

RFK, Violence and Healing

Boswell takes a look at recent events, both national and local, that have taken a toll on the Champaign-Urbana community, and takes a look both at history on the matter and a future of hopeful healing.

ACLs, Loren Tate and Harriet Tubman

For this week's edition of Three Things,  Boswell looks at more bad news for Illini football, Loren Tate's latest column and Harriet Tubman being placed on the $20 bill.

God, Weed and the Governor

Boswell discusses a Bed & Breakfast outside Paxton, marijuana in Urbana, and Governor Rauner's visit to Seniors at LeRoy High School.

End of the line, News-Gazette

While there are plenty of reasons to admire some of the writing our local daily puts out, an ugly trend keeps rearing its ugly head. What they published Friday about the toxicology report regarding Cristian Zamora was absolutely disgraceful.

Let’s all study a bit more and be a little more careful, shall we?

Whether or not a teacher bringing a priest into a public school for Ash Wednesday is legal or not, Seth owns up to his shortcomings and challenges those who pray to do it like Jesus asked them to. Also, a note on the nature of punishment, and forgiveness.