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The Overture: February 24 – March 1

Bringing you the rundown on all the shows happening this good Mardi Gras week. Highlights this week include: SMACKRabbitJACK and co. at the Rose Bowl, UIUC grad Lara Driscol returns to drop an album, a bunch of Mardi Gras-related Jazz, and two Cipher Series events.

The Overture: February 17-23

Breaking down this week in music in, about, and around C-U. Highlights include: a show at The Bird House, Hot Sauce Universe drops an album, an Acapalooza for music education, and some killer line-ups.

The Overture: February 10-16

Providing you the run-down on the music events happening on, about, and around the C-U scene. Highlights include the million-and-a-half Valentine's day shows, LLYN's album release show, and The Great Cover Up.

The Overture: February 3-9

The Overture is a rundown of what's happening in the music scene about and around C-U. Highlights this week include: Jupiter String Quartet, Sinfonia da Camera, Summer Camp On the Road Tour, The Great Cover-Up, and Good Morning Bedlam. 

The Overture: January 27-February 2

The Overture is your weekly playlist of all the music happening in and around C-U. This week's highlights include: Folk and Roots Winter Weekend (including The Chickadee Sermon's album release party), Silverweed, and the Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra.

A fond farewell to Skins ‘n Tins Drum Shop

After 30 years in business, the legendary store will close for the last time January 31st. Seth speaks to local drummers and owner Terry Hawkins about the value and influence of the space.

The Overture: January 21-26

Coming to you after a long holiday weekend, The Overture brings you a run-down of this week's shows happening in and around C-U. Highlights include: Mungion and Dizgo, Mank and Sass, Us on the Bus presents, a house show at The Bird House, and Nectar. 

The Overture: January 13-19

Things are starting to heat back up following the winter/holiday break. This week's Overture highlights include: Meadowhawk, Unemployed Architects, Joe Stamm, and the multi-artists event, “Songs Don't Kill People.”

The Overture: December 16-22

The Overture, where we compile this week's musical offerings. Highlights include: Grand Ambassador, The Bashful Youngens and South City Revival, and The Rose Bowl's mini-bluegrass fest, Vol. III. 

The Overture: December 9-15

Highlights from this week's Overture included: Primitive Lights, The Merry Travelers, a night of party punk, skipping finals, and one Bach cantata. Yep, a Bach canta — just trust me, it's a worth it. 

The Overture: December 2-8

Your weekly round-up of the musical happenings in C-U and the surrounding areas. I've purposefully included a lot of College and University ensembles: these end-of-year concerts are often the best performances by some of the best (classical, jazz, etc.) musicians around.

The Overture: November 18-24

This week offers a few great excuses to take a trip out to Bloomington, but just as many to visit local venues, too! Highlights include two underground-ish shows, LLYN, Black-Eyed Lilies, and two release shows. 

The Overture: November 11-17

This week's musical offerings may start off light, but it's going to be a hot weekend to warm you up from wind and snow. Highlights include Motes, Elsinore's album release show, and Bones Jugs and The Mighty Pines. 

The Overture: October 21-27

It's CU Folk and Roots Festival week, so you know this edition of the overture is jam-packed with good shows. But if folk and roots aren't your thing, there are still a ton of shows for you to see. 

The Overture: October 14-20

The weather is getting cold, but the CU music scene is staying hot. Highlights include Caleb Cook Band, Mungion with Aquilla, and a few offerings from throughout UIUC. 

The Overture: October 7-13

Let this week get your October musicking on the right track. Highlights include Good Morning Bedlam, Kayla Brown, the Wreck the Stage competition, and a concert at The Front Porch in Philo that you won't want to miss. 

The Overture: October 1-6

This week is a great one for you jazz aficionados out there. But it's also a great week to see some live shows by local bands: Bones Jugs, TwoLeggedZoo, Morgan Orion and more.