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Meadowbrook Park defeats Hessel Park to win Smile Politely’s Parks Tournament 

A playground made of dark brown wood with orange pointed roofs. There is an area of wildflowers in front of it.
Urbana Park District on Facebook

Surprising to no one, or at least not to these Smile Politely editors, Meadowbrook has defeated Hessel as your favorite park in Champaign-Urbana. 

Both Meadowbrook and Hessel had decisive marches to the championship, which is not a drag on their competition. We know that we are rich with wonderful parks in C-U, and we’re grateful for it. Take a look back on the previous rounds: opening round of 32, Sweet 16, Elite Eight, and Final Four

Graphic of Smile Politely's Parks Tournament. A completed bracket with 16 parks on each side. In the middle is the winner, Meadowbrook Park.
Smile Politely

In honor of this victory, watch this video feature we did in 2021 as part of our Year of the Park series. (You can watch the Hessel video feature, too.) For those of you who love the old wood splitter-giving playground, enjoy it now before it’s dismantled and a new, accessible one is built

Thank you for participating in this year’s tournament!

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