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SP Radio Podcast: Hunger in the Heartland/The Diamond Stretch

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In this podcast:

  1. We interview Anna Barnes about her recent Hunger in the Heartland series which focuses on poverty and access to food in C-U.  Anna provides some pretty staggering local details on an important subject. Once you’ve listened and read the articles, you can go to to learn about ways to help.
  2. Music editor Ben Valocchi talks to the The Diamond Stretch about their new album, 2010, out today.  The interview is with Jake Mott (vox),
Nick Brannock (guitar), and Matt Farmer (bass/engineer for the record). We also have the album track “Go to the Playground and Rub Chunky Peanut Butter on the Kids.”

Coming up this Friday, at 5:30 p.m. on WEFT (90.1 FM) we’ll have an interview with U of I Assistant Dean John Clarke, one of the founders of Innovators Improv. You can read Mark Laughlin’s SP article about Innovators Improv here.

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