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SPews: April 16, 2010

Tea party rallies draw hundreds in Champaign; crowd smaller in Danville,” News-Gazette, April 15

Greg Tempel of rural Sadorus says he is fed up with the country’s direction.

“I’m tired of the government robbing us and spending money we do not have,” said Tempel, who carried a sign reading, “God Bless America.” “We need some responsible people running this country.”


Champaign Mayor Jerry Schweighart says Obama is not an American citizen,” Smile Politely, April 15

“I don’t think he’s an American, personally.” 

You’ve got to see this one for yourself.

Zipcar exceeds revenue, adds 4 cars to fleet,” Daily Illini, April 15

“We wanted to bring a car sharing program to Champaign-Urbana to increase mobility on and off campus,” Jay Rank of MTD said.

He said the Zipcar added four cars because of its success, which makes their fleet come to a total of 10 cars.

Panhandler supplements disability income with students’ spare change,” News-Gazette, April 11

In Illinois the federal monthly SSDI benefit, usually no more than $600, can get bumped up to $900, depending on a recipient’s work history. Sankey won’t disclose exactly how much he receives – outside of what he raises on the street – or where his money goes.

“I spend my spare on buying the things I need to get by,” he says. “Today I need $11 to (avoid) paying a late fee for my videos for my PlayStation Portable.”

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