Smile Politely

Tyler Griffey: “I’m not going anywhere”

Over the last few days, various threads on various Illini basketball message boards forecast doom and gloom about Tyler Griffey. As usual, some people presented inaccuracies as fact, and others ran with it.

Before the speculation grows rampant, I thought I’d ask the man himself. Tyler Griffey said “I’m not going anywhere.”

Now, if SP were fish & chip paper; you could spin that statement to equate “I’ve reached a dead end” or “I’m spinning my wheels.”

But because we’re a 21st Century media powermouse, you can’t read anything into it. It’s A/V. You can see the smile and hear the tone of voice.

Other members of the team previewed tonight’s loss at Ohio State.

Demetri McCamey also previewed the match-up in Columbus.

He gets his own video, because he’s a star. Also, the file was really big.

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