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Weekender: August 28-30

While we encourage you to check out what’s happening around C-U this weekend, please use precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you are out and about, please wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, and most importantly, respect the people around you, especially the employees that work at these establishments.

Friday, August 28th

Maybe stay home, your house, all weekend, free

With U of I students back on campus, and hundreds of new COVID-19 cases circulating C-U, maybe this weekend you just lay low and avoid crowds. And indoor spaces. And other people. And definitely any place that an 18-22 year old may frequent. Delivery and Netflix, anyone? (JH)

Three cocktails in glasses are on a black table with a gray background. The leftmost drink is a light brown espresso martini in a coupe glass. In the middle is a peach colored cocktail titled Milano in a coupe glass garnished with a slice of lemon, and on the right is a bellini in a stemless champagne flute garnished with a slice of orange. Photo by Alyssa Buckley.

Espresso martini, Milano, and bellini. Photo by Alyssa Buckley.

Order some cocktails to go, Nando Milano, 5 to 10 p.m., $9-15

This week was the first week of virtual learning for the University of Illinois and children in Urbana and Champiagn grade schools, so if you’re a student who completed your first week of classes or a parent facilitating your student’s first week of classes, you deserve a drink. Beer and wine are basic, so treat yourself to something fancy from Nando Milano. You deserve it. All of Nando’s drinks can be ordered to go, so you can pick them up and start your weekend right. (AB)

Saturday, August 29th

A shopper in a burgundy t-shirt and shorts browses the goods at the Central Illinois Bakehouse at the Urbana Market in the Square on a Saturday morning. The Bakehouse has several white folding tables covered with baked goods in plastic wrap under a square white tent. Photo by Alyssa Buckley.

Photo by Alyssa Buckley.

Let’s get that bread, Central Illinois Bakehouse at Urbana’s Market in the Square, 7 a.m. to noon, prices vary

Central Illinois Bakehouse offers all kinds of delicious baked goods on Saturday mornings at the Urbana Market in the Square. Get some bread, get some pastries, get something you haven’t tried before. Carbs are always a good idea. (AB)

Support Japan House during Ganbaru!, online, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., free to participate but please donate

We will all be missing Matsuri this year, but Japan House is encouraging us through the disappointment with Ganbaru! A Day of Giving. Ganbaru means “working with perseverance” or “toughing it out” which is what we are all being asked to do right now on a daily basis. They’ve planned a day of performances, tea ceremonies, and more that you can enjoy from your home. You can also order a delicious meal from Michael’s Catering, featuring Japanese bites, and add on some Triptych Beer brewed especially for the event. You can learn more at the Japan House website. Let’s support this local treasure. (JM)

A poster with a green background. There is a cartoon graphic of a person in a flying saucer with beer taps hanging from it. Each tap reaches down to a person standing behind a bar. The main text says Pour Bros Taproom 2nd Anniversary Celebration, Saturday, August 29th. Image from Facebook event page.

Image from Facebook event page.

Celebrate Pour Bros. 2nd Anniversary, 12 a.m. to 12 p.m., prices vary

There will be music beginning at 3 p.m from Mike & Kayla, and 8 p.m. from The Deep Hollow. Swing by, try some of the beers they’re tapping for the occasion, and purchase a special anniversary t-shirt designed by Ralph Roether. Masks required; there will even be a best mask contest! (JM)

Illustration of a black cat's face emerging at the bottom of the page with the event title above

Image from Facebook

Paw-ticipate in the first virtual edition of Cat and Snack, online, 4 to 4:45 p.m., free

Forty-five minutes of feline festivities to make it a pawsome Caturday. Watch cute cat videos, learn how to make cat toys, and purr over the pet photo share. Bring your own snacks. Register in advance and arrange for pick up of toymaking materials at the Urbana Free Library. Find out more here. (DD)

Sunday, August 30th

Candidate yard signs are placed in a grassy area of a parking lot. There are many signs. One sign in the front says

Photo by Julie McClure.

Send us your questions about voting, your house, all weekend, free

What do you want to know about voting in November’s election? We’re putting together a list of questions for our next installment of Ask Politely, so put on your thinking or anxiety cap and send those worries our way. We’ll do our best to answer them, or find the answers from our elected officials (or other official sources). Send us your questions. (JH)

Attend a peach march, Bloomington Road to Douglass Park, 12 to 4 p.m., free

It’s been a volatile summer here in C-U, and HV Neighborhood Transformation is one of the groups working toward gun violence solutions. This Sunday they are hosting a Peace March through what they’ve termed “High Hope” neighborhoods, hoping to inspire the community to against the violence. You can find the meeting place and route on the Facebook event page. Wear your mask! (JM)

Photo of Erin Pringle's novel Hezada I Miss You beside a photo of the author

Image from Facebook.

Watch an online reading from Erin Pringle’s new novel, online from The Vault, 2 to 4 p.m., free

Casey, Illinois-born Pringle will be reading from her newest book, Hezada! I Miss You, which is set in rural Illinois. Following the fate of a one-elephant circus set for one of its last shows,  Hezada! “explores love, tradition, and suicide all set under the fading tent of small-town America.” Discussion of the book will follow the reading. Get additional info here. (DD)

Top photo by Alyssa Buckley.


All event information is accurate to the best of our abilities, but sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes event information, times, prices, etc., change after we look them up. Whenever possible, we’ve provided a link to the original event page; you should always double-check the source before you make any firm plans. Thanks for your understanding.

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