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Relax with satisfying brunch food at Just Yolkin’

A cropped photo of the bananas foster french toast at Just Yolkin. Photo by Rashmi Tenneti.
Rashmi Tenneti

Brunch is definitely my favorite meal of the day. It brings together breakfast food, the choice to eat sweet and savory foods at the same time, and mimosas. Need I say more? But, my biggest pet peeve about dining out is waiting or being told that a restaurant cannot seat you. It won’t be a shock when I say this is one of my favorite things about Champaign: the ability to casually saunter into some of the best restaurants in town and be seated! With the diversity of food choices and cuisines, C-U does spoil us. I walked into Just Yolkin‘ feeling excited for two reasons; first, I knew they wouldn’t make me wait, and second, I knew they would deliver the brunch I was dreaming of on a gloomy Saturday morning. 

The exterior of Just Yolkin restaurant in Champaign. Photo by Rashmi Tenneti.
Rashmi Tenneti

Our waiter was friendly and walked us through the menu and helped us choose dishes.

A breakfast burrito at Just Yolkin' in Champaign. Photo by Rashmi Tenneti.
Rashmi Tenneti

One dish that caught my attention was the breakfast burrito ($13.95). Packed with a flavorful combination of egg, chorizo, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, and chihuahua cheese, it was bold and delicious. The drizzle of chipotle sour cream added a delightful tanginess. I chose breakfast potatoes and loved that they came with onion and bell peppers. Being the right balance of fluffy tortilla, chorizo and eggs, and cheese, It was a filling and satisfying choice.

The hash browns were also a surprise MVP side dish during the meal. Hash browns are a dish that is so often paired with most breakfast dishes that it is easy to take them for granted, but Just Yolkin’ really elevated them. They came with most of the savory dishes, and everyone commented on how perfectly golden fried and crispy they were on the outside. They managed to be deeply satisfying without feeling greasy, and every bite had a satisfying crunch to it. If you only are able to try one side item, everyone agreed this would have to be the pick.

An overhead photo of the French toast at Just Yolkin. Photo by Rashmi Tenneti.
Rashmi Tenneti

I always get a sweet breakfast dish under the guise of it being for the table. For those with a sweet tooth, the banana foster French toast ($11.95) was great. Made with croissant bread, egg batter, cinnamon, and nutmeg, it was decadent but not greasy. Topped with freshly sliced bananas and syrup, it was sweet enough to pass for a dessert, but at the same time, it was well balanced enough to keep everyone coming back throughout the meal for another bite. Its addictive nature made this the first dish to disappear, and it was everyone’s favorite.

An order of the stack at Just Yolkin in Champaign. Photo by Rashmi Tenneti.
Rashmi Tenneti

If you are a biscuits and gravy fan, the stack ($18.95) is the perfect choice. This impressive platter featured biscuits and gravy: two well-fried sausage patties, two scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and hash browns. A meal that was nearly a deconstructed breakfast sandwich — only in a much larger portion and covered in breakfast sausage gravy — was hearty and filling, while equally satisfying. The combination of flavors and textures created a mouthwatering ensemble that was a crowd favorite. 

The ham breakfast with eggs and hash browns at Just Yolkin. Photo by Rashmi Tenneti.
Rashmi Tenneti

For a classic breakfast option, my friend got the breakfast ham and eggs ($12.95). They had additional options for breakfast sandwiches, but she wanted to go with the classic. She enjoyed the well-cooked ham slice paired with two eggs, which was a hearty and satisfying combination. Getting a breakfast sandwich correct is important, and Just Yolkin’ did a great job on delivering with this brunch staple. This dish came with hash browns, and they also disappeared by the end of the meal with everyone reaching to grab bites of it.

We also had two kids with us that shared bites of most everyone’s dishes while they ate the stack for their entree. While they are not usually outspoken about going out for breakfast or brunch, they frequently voiced how delicious everything was throughout the meal. As a family restaurant brunch spot, it is easy to imagine this menu has a little bit of everything to make feeding kids easy and relaxing.

Two glasses of juice on a booth table in Champaign. Photo by Rashmi Tenneti.
Rashmi Tenneti

Everyone’s beverages were delicious as well. Our table tried the orange juice and apple juice ($4). The juice was fresh and tasty.

Two flutes of mimosas on a booth table. Photo by Rashmi Tenneti.
Rashmi Tenneti

We also ordered pineapple and mango mimosas ($8). Best of all, the mimosas were very well done. They were refreshing, fruity, and subtly bubbly. They had a nice blend of the sparkling wine with the fruit juice, and they were infinitely drinkable. They contrasted well against the savory dishes we ate throughout the brunch.

Conveniently located at the village at the crossing, you might be familiar with some local favorites such as Jupiters at the Crossing and San Maru. This means that parking is a breeze, and if you stop by for breakfast or brunch, you can even make a quick stop at the Walnut Street Tea Company on your way out.

Some decorative felt creations on a table at Just Yolkin. Photo by Rashmi Tenneti.
Rashmi Tenneti

Just Yolkin’ truly impressed me with their attention to detail and dedication to creating a relaxed brunch experience. The meal was delicious, the portions were large enough to share, and everything was affordably priced. From the prompt seating to the diverse menu options, they undoubtedly know how to please their customers. If you’re seeking a delightful brunch in Champaign, Just Yolkin’ is a great choice for families and groups looking to get a delicious and satisfying meal. Make sure to add this to your must dine list, and I’m not yolking!

Just Yolkin’
2501 Village Green Place
7 a.m. to 2 p.m., daily

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