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Smile Politely’s C-U Food + Drink Tournament: Championship

We’ve reached the end of our tournament to crown our inaugural champion for C-U Food + Drink Tournament. The amount of engagement and conversation surrounding this competition for the quintessential C-U food or drink item has been a fun and wild ride. 

We received hundreds of votes for the round of 32 matchupsthe Sweet 16Elite 8, and Final Four. Revisit those to see how things have evolved since early last week.

Vote below for the Championship Matchup between Black Dog’s Burnt Ends and Curtis Orchard’s Apple Cider Donuts. It will require you to enter your email address; this is to ensure one person, one vote. We’re not here for rigged elections and Russian interference. Unless you decide to sign up for our weekly newsletter, we will neither contact you nor share your contact information.

Thanks for participating! Follow along on our social media to keep up to date on how things are shaping up: FacebookTwitter, and Instagram
If you have questions, contact us at [email protected].
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