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Seven more things happening in our music scene right now

I wrote the first installment of this column about a month ago, which featured seven local artists that were up to things. Things being touring, recording, releasing tracks, releasing videos, and things of the like. General scene activity without being a “scene update”, if you will. There are too many active artists doing plenty of things all the time that it felt like this was the time to start a series like this one.

All that said, here are seven more artists that are up to “things”, as listed above. If you’re a local artist that has something to send over, please do: [email protected].

CASTOR is back, performed with HUM in St. Louis, recordings now available

For all intents and purposes, Castor is back. That might not mean we’re getting an album or anything of the like anytime soon, but you can listen to their old recordings on Bandcamp now, at least. Plus, they just performed with HUM as a part of their sold-out show in St. Louis on February 24th. We’ll see what happens, but as you can see above, there’s some rehearsal happening, which looks like activity to me.

FAKE FRIEND is some of the best local music I’ve heard in a while

That sentence is one that I mentioned in the SPlog a few weeks back when I discovered Spencer Walter’s recording project, Fake Friend. He released the first four-track EP under that moniker, and then a few weeks ago, released some ambient music to go alongside that. While there isn’t an announced plan for shows or anything like that, this bedroom recording project is quite good.

OUR LANDMARK release new video for “My Fair Share”

Our Landmark (members of Wicked Walls, New Ruins, The Chemicals, and more) has just released their new video for a track from their debut record, What the Silence Says, an album which came out last year. Check out the video below. They are performing in Tolono in a few weeks at the Loose Cobra with the Complaint Line.

ETUMU ELMARI releases new EP, performed at Big Turn Music Festival in Minnesota

Marielle McNabney is a local musician that performs under the name of Etumu Elmari — she released an EP last year called Lagoonand just released a new EP called Vibrancy. Stream the new release below. Etumu Elmari recently performed at Big Turn Music Festival in Red Wing, Minnesota, headlined by Procupine, Caroline Smith, Heiruspecs, and filled out by tons of other artists.

FRANK LEONE releases “Huffing Paint”, a tribute to Westley Banks

Rapper Frank Leone had one of his tracks, a tribute to Westley Banks called “Huffing Pant”, released by Zane Lowe a few weeks back. Leone penned the song shortly after Banks’ death last year. You can stream the song below:

EARTHHOLDER is finalizing their newest release, slated for Spring

Earthholder is currently at work recording the follow up to their 2016 release, don’t worry, we feel it tooand have offered up some updates from the studio. One of those photos is above, as the post rock outfit is finalizing the plans surrounding their release, slated for Spring 2018. If you’re interested in checking out some cool footage of the band’s performance at Blips and Chitz from back in December, take a look below.

LIME FOREST has a new record on the way called Welcome to Lime Forest

Lime Forest is a crunchy psych outfit that has a new record on the way. Fittingly, they are titling it Welcome to Lime Forest, and you can hear the first single “How Much Is Enough?” here. The band’s last local show was in December at Audible Meats, a DIY house show space. They’re halfway through the mixing stage of the new album, with hopes to release it “late March/early April”. Check out the band’s update below, which might give you a chuckle.


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