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The Overture: October 30 – November 5

A black and white photo of a rock band on stage. Above you can see the stage lights shining bright, and below you see the audience enthusiastically raising their fists and singing.
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The Overture is a rundown of live music and performances happening in and around Champaign-Urbana each week. All of the information is as accurate as we can publish; however, all shows and performances are subject to change at any time. Thank you for understanding.

Did we miss something this week? Have a show coming up you think we should know about? Email us at [email protected] with the details.

Monday, October 30

Illinois Modern Ensemble

Recital Hall – Smith Memorial Hall // free // 7:30 p.m.

The Illinois Modern Ensemble represents a gathering of forward-thinking musicians dedicated to the performance of contemporary music. Under the guidance of faculty, members of this ensemble delve into the latest music of our time, providing the audience with a unique auditory experience.

U of I Jazz Trombone Ensemble

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 5:30 p.m.

This ensemble from the University of Illinois brings together trombone players united by a love for jazz. Their performances are a journey through the rhythmic and soulful sounds of jazz trombone, showcasing the versatility of the instrument.

The Urbana Hootenanny

Rose Bowl Tavern // free // 8 p.m.

The Urbana Hootenanny is a weekly event that celebrates folk and acoustic music. With a friendly, inclusive vibe, it’s a hub for musicians and listeners to come together, share, and enjoy live music in a warm, community atmosphere.

3 individuals are in a room with dozens of small TV sets lining the walls. They are sitting on the floor between two walls of TV sets. Two are looking at a wall and one is looking at the camera. There is a golden male mannequin behind them, and there appears to be a silver metallic covering on the floor.
Shadow Work on Facebook

Shadow Work with Daisy-Chain and Romantica

The Space // $10 // 8 p.m.

Experience the sulky and psychedelic art-rock of Shadow Work at The Space Monday night. The Denver-based trio will perform songs from their sophomore EP, “Imago,” along with local favorites Daisy-Chain and Romantica. Don’t miss this chance to see one of the most innovative bands in the scene.

Tuesday, October 31

Faculty Recital – Ben Roidl-Ward – bassoon

Memorial Room – Smith Memorial Hall // free // 7:30 p.m.

Ben Roidl-Ward, a notable bassoonist, showcases the captivating sounds of the bassoon in this faculty recital. His performances often explore the rich, deep tones of the instrument, presenting classical pieces with a touch of modern interpretation. He will be accompanied by pianist Daniel Pesca. Program available here.

Steel Band

Recital Hall – Smith Memorial Hall // free // 7:30 p.m.

The Steel Band at the University of Illinois brings the vibrant and energetic sounds of Caribbean steel drum music to life. Their repertoire ranges from traditional Calypso and Soca to arrangements of contemporary pieces, offering a lively and engaging musical experience.

Jim Pryor Trio

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 5 p.m.

The Jim Pryor Trio is known for its bluesy renditions and soulful performances. With a relaxed yet engaging stage presence, they create an atmosphere where the blues speak directly to the heart of audiences.

Two individuals are engaged in a musical session on a porch. The person on the left, wearing a hat and a polka dot shirt, is strumming a banjo. On the right, another hat-wearing individual is playing a guitar. The porch, featuring a blue door, is adorned with various pieces of musical equipment.
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Bones Jugs

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 8 p.m.

Bones Jugs is a quirky and energetic band known for their eclectic musical style. They blend jug band, ragtime, Dixieland, and string band traditions with a modern twist, offering a whimsical and highly rhythmic musical experience.

Wednesday, November 1

Illinois Wind Symphony

Krannert Center // $4 to $10 // 7:30 p.m.

The Illinois Wind Symphony from the University of Illinois is a premier ensemble that performs a diverse range of music. From classic band repertoire to contemporary compositions, the symphony showcases the richness and versatility of wind and percussion instruments.

Senior Recital – Jeff Delarosa, jazz trumpet

U of I School of Music // free // 7:30 p.m.

Jeff Delarosa showcases his mastery on the jazz trumpet at his senior recital at the U of I School of Music. This event is a celebration of his educational journey, reflecting his growth and finesse as a musician.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Special Edition Krannert Center Uncorked: Arts Impact Panel Discussion and Brazilian Jazz Ensemble

Krannert Center // free // 5 p.m.

Engage in a stimulating Arts Impact Panel discussion at the Krannert Center, followed by an exhilarating performance by a Brazilian Jazz Ensemble. This special edition event combines insightful dialogue with rhythm-infused jazz, highlighting the transformative power of the arts.

Three musicians performing onstage with a brick wall backdrop. The one on the left plays the mandolin, the middle one is positioned in front a an old-timey microphone holding a guitar, and the one on the right is playing an upright bass.
Derrick Philips

Americana Happy Hour ft. Carrie Sue & The Wood Burners

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 5 p.m.

Carrie Sue & The Wood Burners bring their heartwarming Americana tunes to the Rose Bowl Tavern’s Happy Hour. Their storytelling through music, intertwined with a rustic charm, sets the perfect laid-back ambiance for a pleasant evening.

Senior Recital – Abby Grace, flute

U of I School of Music // free // 7:30 p.m.

Abby Grace demonstrates her fluency on the flute in her Senior Recital at the U of I School of Music. Her performance encapsulates her academic and artistic journey, rendering a rich musical narrative through her chosen pieces.

A gentleman with grey hair stands with a suit vest, tie and blue dress pants in front of a decorative wooden wall. He is holding a pocket watch.
Del McCoury Band on Facebook

The Del McCoury Band

The Castle Theatre // $50 to $60 // 7:30 p.m.

Catch the legendary Del McCoury Band at The Castle Theatre, as they deliver their signature bluegrass sound. Known for their authentic, energetic performances, this ensemble continues to be a torchbearer of the bluegrass tradition, offering a night of pure musical delight.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Jordan Kaye’s Django Wrangle

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 5 p.m.

Jordan Kaye orchestrates a Django Wrangle at the Rose Bowl Tavern, bringing forth a jazz-infused evening. His nuanced guitar work and homage to Django Reinhardt’s style promise an evocative musical journey.

4 members of Kilborn Alley Blues Band performing onstage with a purple backdrop.
Kilborn Alley Blues Band on Facebook

Kilborn Alley

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 8 p.m.

Join Kilborn Alley at the Rose Bowl Tavern for a night of raw blues energy. Known for their gritty sound and authentic blues groove, they guarantee to stir the souls of blues aficionados.

Graduate Recital – Lu Tan, voice

U of I School of Music // free // 5:30 p.m. 

Immerse yourself in the vocal artistry of Lu Tan, a graduate student at the U of I School of Music, as she presents a collection of classical and contemporary pieces. Her voice, hailed for its clarity and emotive power, promises a captivating performance.

Musicology Colloquium: “Gasolina: sound, power, and petro-masculinity in post-millennial Puerto Rico”

U of I School of Music // free // 5 p.m.

Dive into an insightful discussion exploring the intersections of sound, power, and masculinity in Puerto Rico’s post-millennial era. This colloquium, part of the U of I School of Music’s academic series, sheds light on the cultural and socio-political implications of music in contemporary Puerto Rican society.

Graduate Recital – Skye Junginger, jazz saxophone

U of I School of Music // free // 7:30 p.m.

Skye Junginger, a promising jazz saxophonist, takes the stage to showcase her musical prowess. Her ability to seamlessly blend traditional jazz with modern twists makes for a memorable auditory experience.

A band is positioned in front of their instruments and equipment on a stage. The stage is adorned with plants and string lights, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. In the background, a brick building with a large window is visible, and a sign that reads “Toyota” hangs prominently. The drum set in the foreground features a logo on the bass drum that reads “C3”. The image captures the anticipation of a performance, with the stage set and ready for the musicians.
Rory Book and the Volumes on Facebook

Rory Book and The Volumes with Blind Adam and the Federal League and The Auctions

The Space // $7 // 8 p.m.

Indulge in a night filled with diverse musical flavors as Rory Book and The Volumes headline an eclectic lineup. With their distinct sound, they, along with Blind Adam and the Federal League and The Auctions, promise an engaging live music experience that’ll have you on your feet.

A man singing and playing guitar onstage in orange light
Billy Galt on Facebook

Billy Galt

Huber’s West End Store // free // 7 p.m.

Billy Galt, known for his charismatic performances and soulful blues tunes, is set to enthrall audiences at Huber’s West End Store. His music, deeply rooted in traditional blues with a modern flair, is bound to resonate with blues enthusiasts and new listeners alike.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

The two members of Black Eyed Lillies in a field with the sun just over the horizon behind them. The male is holding a guitar and looking off to the write. The singer is turned to the left.
Black Eyed Lillies from Facebook

Black Eyed Lillies

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 4 p.m.

The Black Eyed Lillies are ready to bring their unique blend of folk and indie rock to the Rose Bowl Tavern. Their evocative lyrics and melodious harmonies create a captivating atmosphere that’s hard to forget.

Four separate photos of the members of Kangaroo Court performing onstage. From left to right: The drummer, the guitarist, the bass player and the lead singer/guitarist.
Derrick Philips

EDITOR’S PICK: Kangaroo Court + Diet Lite + Venus Overdrive

Rose Bowl Tavern // $10 adv, $15 door // 8:30 p.m.

A trifecta of dynamic bands – Kangaroo Court, Diet Lite, and Venus Overdrive come together for a night of energetic performances. Each band brings a unique flavor to the stage, ensuring an evening of diverse musical exploration. Kangaroo Court is celebrating the release of their brand new album This is Kangaroo Court. Come out and see why this is one of the most dynamic young bands around.

An individual stands against a backdrop of a breathtaking sunset, donned in a black cowboy hat and a black t-shirt with white text. Their long beard adds to their distinctive look as they gaze into the distance.
Cody Jinks on Facebook

Cody Jinks

Grossinger Arena // $30 to $228 // 6 p.m.

Country music maverick Cody Jinks is set to grace the stage at Grossinger Arena with his authentic and heartfelt tunes. His deep baritone and honest lyrics have earned him a loyal following among those who appreciate genuine country music.

Four individuals are positioned against a red backdrop. The person on the far left is donned in a black t-shirt, with a visible tattoo on their left arm. Adjacent to them, the second individual is clad in a black jacket. The third person is sporting a gray t-shirt adorned with a red design. Lastly, the fourth individual is dressed in a black and white plaid shirt.
Astrofix on Facebook


Pour Bros. Craft Taproom // free // 7 p.m.

Astrofix brings an acoustic night to Pour Bros. Craft Taproom, promising a laid-back yet engaging musical experience. Their acoustic renditions offer a raw and intimate insight into their musical narrative, perfect for a relaxed Saturday evening.

Graduate Recital – JaKobe Henry, jazz trumpet

U of I School of Music // free // 1:30 p.m.

Immerse yourself in the musical prowess of JaKobe Henry, a jazz trumpet artist, in his graduate recital at the U of I School of Music. This event is a rich display of Henry’s skill, blending traditional jazz with modern sensibilities to create a vibrant and engaging performance.

Graduate Recital – Sam Olson, jazz bass

U of I School of Music // free // 7:30 p.m.

Enjoy an evening of captivating jazz bass by Sam Olson at the U of I School of Music. Olson’s graduate recital is a showcase of his profound understanding and mastery over his instrument, weaving a fabric of melodious jazz that is both evocative and uplifting.

Concerto Urbano

U of I School of Music // free // 7:30 p.m.

Take a musical journey with Concerto Urbano as they perform “From Venice to Versailles: Baroque Gems on Period Instruments.” Their ensemble brings a blend of classical and contemporary compositions, allowing the audience to traverse through an array of musical landscapes.

A group of individuals are assembled on a set of white stairs, each striking a unique pose. All are dressed in black attire, some standing, some sitting, and others kneeling. The backdrop is a modern building with expansive windows.
Girls Next Door

Girls Next Door (UIUC A Capella)

Canopy Club // $6 ADV / $10 DOS // 7 p.m.

Experience the harmonic brilliance of Girls Next Door, UIUC’s A Capella group, as they perform live at the Canopy Club. Their voices blend to create a captivating sound, leaving the audience in awe of their vocal prowess and musical creativity.

The Bossy Novas

Huber’s West End Store // free // 7 p.m.

Indulge in the soothing yet lively tunes of The Bossy Novas at Huber’s West End Store. Their music is a delightful blend of rhythm and melody that keeps the audience tapping their feet throughout the performance.

AMASONG Fall Concert

McKinley Presbyterian Church // $20 suggested donation // 7 p.m.

Indulge in AMASONG’s reflective melodies at their Fall Concert, ‘Sure on This Shining Night,’ held at McKinley Presbyterian Church on the corner of 5th and John, Champaign. As the months of November and December embrace long nights and short cold days, this November concert intertwines the contrasting themes of despair and hope, resonating the solemn yet hopeful ambiance of the season.

Sunday, November 5, 2023

In a warehouse-like space with high ceilings and metal beams, four individuals strike a pose. The person on the left is in a black tank top with long dark hair. Next to them, an individual in a black t-shirt with a red design sports short blonde hair. The third person, also with short blonde hair, is wearing a black t-shirt with a white design. On the right, an individual with long blonde hair is dressed in a beige jacket.
April Josie

Amends, Stancyk and Green Boots

The Space // $10 // 8 p.m.

Don’t miss the unique sound of Amends at The Space on Sunday. All the way from Australia, this band will rock the stage with their blend of harsh melodies and soft tones. Stancyk, and Green Boots are in support.

The Noah Brooks Coalition

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 4 p.m.

Enjoy the eclectic mix of genres The Noah Brooks Coalition brings to the Rose Bowl Tavern. Their music, rooted in traditional styles yet infused with a modern flair, offers a refreshing musical experience to the audience.

AMASONG Fall Concert

McKinley Presbyterian Church // $20 suggested donation // 4 p.m.

Indulge in AMASONG’s reflective melodies at their Fall Concert, ‘Sure on This Shining Night,’ held at McKinley Presbyterian Church on the corner of 5th and John, Champaign. As the months of November and December embrace long nights and short cold days, this November concert intertwines the contrasting themes of despair and hope, resonating the solemn yet hopeful ambiance of the season.

This is a photo of a person playing guitar and singing into a microphone on an outdoor stage. The person is wearing a brown dress with a floral pattern and is playing a light-colored acoustic guitar. The stage is made of wood and there is a black umbrella and a table with a blue tablecloth in the background. The photo was taken during the day and there are trees in the background
Gloria Roubal on Facebook

Gloria Roubal’s Writer’s in the Round: ft. Aerin Tedesco, Jay Rosenstein and Bruiser Rummenie

Rose Bowl Tavern // tips in bucket // 7 p.m.

Join Gloria Roubal and a talented lineup of artists including Aerin Tedesco, Jay Rosenstein, and Bruiser Rummenie for an evening of storytelling through music. The Writers in the Round series is a celebration of songwriting and musical exploration, showcasing a variety of styles and narratives.

Graduate Recital – Goio Lima, jazz saxophone

► U of I School of Music // free // 7:30 p.m.

Indulge in an evening of melodic exploration as Goio Lima takes the stage for his Graduate Recital at the U of I School of Music. With his jazz saxophone, Lima delves into a world of rhythmic complexities and harmonic richness, offering a captivating musical narrative to his audience.

6 members of The Painkillers Blues Band standing in a room with wood paneling in the background
The Painkillers Blues Band on Facebook

Sunday Wine Down with The Painkillers Blues Band

► Alto Vineyards // free // 2 p.m.

Escape to Alto Vineyards for a relaxing Sunday afternoon with The Painkillers Blues Band. Their soul-soothing blues rhythms are the perfect companion to a glass of fine wine, ensuring a serene end to your weekend amidst the rustic charm of the vineyard.

Four musicians stand smiling and looking at the camera holding their string instruments. The background appears to be the outside of a building with large white doors with windows on the top.
The Young and the Fretless on Facebook

The Young and the Fretless

► Urbana Free Library // free // 2 p.m.

Discover the traditional tunes of The Young and the Fretless at Urbana Free Library. Their authentic string band sound, blending old-time Appalachian and Midwestern folk music, invites audiences on a nostalgic journey through the heart of American musical heritage.

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