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40 North has Community Supported Art shares available

40 North’s Community Supported Art program borrows the Community Supported Agriculture model of selling shares, replacing local seasonal produce with locally created art pieces. 

For $300, you can purchase a share of local art, equal to nine pieces created by Piper Pottery, Darin Doty, Cindy Sampson, Stacey Gross, Gregory Stallmeyer, Fire Doll Studio, Pipapo, Carol Alison, and Lisa Kesler. The art will be ready for pick up at the 40 North office beginning December 15th. From the 40 North website:

This program is intended to be self-sustaining. We believe that artists must be compensated for their time and talent. More than half of the income generated from the CSA goes directly back to the artists, while the remainder is used for marketing this program, pick-up events, and administrative costs. Like all of our programs, we want to provide the community with the highest quality programming without sacrificing one of our highest held values, compensating artists.

You could keep each of these for yourself, of course, or maybe this is an opportunity to spread some C-U art scene love this holiday season. 

There are only 25 shares available, so secure yours soon if you are interested. You can find more detailed info on each artist here.

Top image from 40 North website.

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