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Altgeld Hall renovations have started

A brown brick building with a circular turret and a red roof is under construction. Some of the stones have been replaced with new and lighter stone. There are trees on either side of the image and a construction crane in the bottom right corner.
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Construction is finally underway on the Altgeld Hall renovation and the new facility that will replace Illini Hall. We shared the renderings for what the finished building will look like in a previous post; you can also find updates on the Liberal Arts and Sciences website. Prior to this, Altgeld Hall was last significantly renovated in 1956. While the plan for this project is to modernize Altgeld Hall and create a new home for the new data science center, the focus for the library is restoration for the mosaics, murals, and woodwork in the library. You can watch a live stream of the construction to see the process in real time.  

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